Dog T.A.G.S.

Cole's K-9 Center is honored to be working with the Lehigh Valley's Dog T.A.G.S. Program. It is a program for Veterans who served in places such as Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and as a result, have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Veterans have the opportunity to share their experiences with our support group in two-hour training sessions. Dog T.A.G.S. trainers assist Veterans with the training of the Veteran's own dog, providing them with the tools and support required to transform the dog into a service dog. Call us or visit for more information.

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Dog T.A.G.S.

Strong Foundations: In August of 2012, the Dog T.A.G.S. started a program to help all Veterans suffering from combat-caused PTSD. The training staff volunteers have a total of over 150 years of dog training experience.

Unpaid Volunteers: Dog T.A.G.S. is staffed by unpaid volunteers. Our Veterans work with qualified trainers not only for basic instruction, but also to review training tasks and the Veterans' goals and objectives for his or her service dog.

Discounts Available: Military discounts are available, as are multiple dog discounts.

In the News: View NBC's article on PTSD & Rescue Dogs.